S.C. NORSTEEL INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. is pleased to offer the services of a well-trained personnel, based on both hourly-rate and fixed-price agreements, to assist our Customers in achieving their goals in an efficient, competitive and professional manner.

The personnel we choose to work for each project have a crucial role in the success of the respective project. We focus on both their capability and capacity of work, and the degree of flexibility required by the work assignment.

As a general rule, all our employees acting on behalf of S.C. NORSTEEL INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. have a Customer-oriented attitude, and they are trained to strictly follow the HSE rules, in order to increase the 3 most important working parameters: Quality, Cost-efficiency and Productivity. We are proud to have accomplished important projects so far, by using dependable personnel, thus ensuring a good balance-report between cost and quality for the assignment.

It is worth mentioning that, according to our internal policy, we provide our Customers with a standard documentation on the personnel required, as proof of their qualification and experience. This documentation consists of standard CV and Certificate of professional qualification and training, to which we add supplementary documents, whenever it is the case, upon the customers’ request.

The projects we have been involved in with providing qualified personnel-up to the present – are: