In our working field, we have had so far experience in fabrication and delivery of both big and small steel constructions, as well as lifting equipment and pipe systems to Norwegian shipyards and offshore.

Our internal policy applied to Products delivery involves also the delivery of the Product’s Final Documentation, containing technical specifications and procedures, Material Certificates of the Products, as well as customs documents, if it is the case.

We are opened to any ideas and suggestions from the part of our Customers regarding the production. We deliberately invite them to make remarks at any stage, throughout the production process, and we will make our best efforts to adapt.

We believe perfection is never perfect, so there is always space for improvements. Strengthening the relationship with our Customers is based on being a good listener. It is our strong belief that, if we pay close attention to their needs and listen – as well as put in practice their innovative ideas – we create the foundation of trustworthiness and reliability in relation to our Customers.


– Stainless steel brackets for the Breviktunnel in Oslo.
The project for producing stainless steel brackets was contracted, on behalf of PROCUT AS NORWAY. The brackets were produced in Romania, and after the commissioning performance, we delivered them to Oslo-Norway, together with the required documentation, in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

– Steel flanges for Forsvarsbygg
For the steel flanges project we followed the same procedure as in the case of stainless steel brackets. We contracted the production process on behalf of PROCUT AS, and performed the final delivery to the Customer’s premises in Isfjorden – Norway.

– Winch rolls for NB724 and 725
We have insured the production of 2 sets of 3 winch rolls each (total weight of 13288 Kg/set), on behalf of TOMREFJORD RØR OG MONTERING AS. The rolls have been delivered accompanied by complete documentation according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Final delivery location has been Brattvåg – Norway.


– Block houses DL 12Te / Reeve-ø370 DL 12T; DL 10T
Our activity related to the cooperation with GLEIPNIR AS is so far based on producing and delivering of lifting equipment. The sequence of delivery was according to the received documentation, as follows: – April 2010 (DL 12 Te – 5 pcs. Block house); – September 2010 (Reeve ø370 – 10 pcs. Block house); – November 2010 (Reeve DL 10 T – 10 pcs. Block house). The products have been delivered together with complete documentation according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Final delivery has been done in Førresfjorden – Norway.


– Fresh Water Cooling System
The assignment consisted in fabrication and delivery of pipe systems, with a total weight of 5888 Kg, including Fresh Water Cooling Systems for NB 705, 726, 727 and a Chilled Water System, according to the documentation received from the Customer. At delivery, the products have been accompanied by corresponding documentation for Quality, Insurance and transport, according to ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

– Stern tube
The contractual assignment for TIMBLO DRYDOCKS PVT LTD. consisted in building of 1 stern tube with  a total weight  of 2400 kg.  The task involved the collaboration of PROMEX – Braila, Romania, at which premises the stern tube has been built.