Health and Safety

S.C. NORSTEEL INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. puts the employees’ health and safety on the first position of its priorities. We are confident that a good health and safety policy, together with a positive, enjoyable working climate, applied to all our employees, ensures a higer level of cooperation, thus determining the job satisfaction directed mutually both for the company and for the employees as well.

We are taking very seriously the health indicators related to work. We are determined to reduce to zero even the smallest risks of injuries, by using proper working techniques,  and the mandatory protective equipment. Based on this, we are proud to have a low rate of absences from work, caused by reasons of sick leave.

At the same time, Safety is an important indicator of work quality. Our aim is to adapt the work in such a way that it would not harm the personnel implied thereof. We are trying to find the best solutions for keeping our personnel safe and unexposed to dangerous chemicals or other harmful materials. However, if the working sites or a special assignment impose such conditions, we take precautionary additional security measures, to reduce to minimum the possible harmful effects.

The measures that we implement comply with a strict code of rules, according to the current HSE laws and regulations. We focus on both physical and psychological nature of the works, and we make sure that each individual is properly trained for the work tasks given. The necessary rules and methodology we follow are contained in the Government Decision No. 1425/2006, with the appliance of Law No. 319/2006.

Our working personnel are specifically instructed, both theoretically and practically, to perform all tasks  according to the current Health and Safety regulations at the working place, and in full compliance with the applicable law.

With respect to safer work in a safe environment, we use surveys to analyse the general opinion of our employees and their satisfaction degree on the work environment. It is what we consider the best way to improve the working conditions in the Health and Safety field.