At present, the environmental protection is a must in order to develop our business activities. Although this issue is quite challenging in certain situations, we always focus on working ‚clean’, and making special efforts in the working conditions, by trying to reduce, as much as possible, the harmful environmental impacts on the atmosphere, land and sea.

Following our previous experience, our concern has, as main target, the negative effects of hazardous waste and residual substances and chemicals on the environment. We are trying to combine the existing technologies and our working methods in such a way that negative environmental effects are diminished  close  to zero.

We encourage all our employees to fill in reports, whenever they consider it is the case, where they can state a fair personal opinion on the working environment, and the direct environmental effects they witnessed, during their work performance. This can lead us to a constantly broadening perspective on the working environment,  and implement  improved solutions to minimally affect the environment, sustained by our own personnel experience too, and not limited to our previous knowledge.